Team Diane and Rudy

“The Ruff Revue was born to nurture that human-animal bond within our community and within our own group and within the lives that we touch,” said Diane Baker, coordinator and one of the founding members.

Diane Splits with Ollie

Team Diane and Rudy


Oliver (retired) and Diane. Oliver is a Miniature Daschund adopted at age 5 as a rescue. He loves Ruff Revue performances. His favorite moves are circles, spins and backing up.

When they are not performing he likes road trips, walks in the woods and anything social. He has truly blossomed since his adoption and shares his love of life with others.

Oliver holds a Beginner Canine Freestyle Title and is on his way to a Novice Freestyle Title. He also has a Beginner Heelwork to Music Title. Diane is the co-founder of the Ruff Revue with Teri Beeman. Diane is our announcer with Olliver’s help.  She is also an instructor at Diamonds in the Ruff.

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Diane is a talented performer with creative costuming and moves to match the music in Freestyle. Ollie is very expressive and delights the audience with “conversation”.