Team Pam, Rustle, Smiley and Millie

Pam and Smiley

PamBoys2Smiley is a Tri-Black color English Springer Spaniel and will be 3 in April.  He has earned his CGC ,Canine Good Citizen award, an RN, Rally Novice award, and a BN for Beginner Novice in obedience.  All this year.  His nick name is Dr. Smiley Doolittle because he talks to the dogs being groomed by Pam and they settle down and relax.

Pam and Rustle

Pam Rustle Rustle is a Liver and White English Springer Spaniel and got his name because he was born on Curt Russell’s birthday (Pam’s heart throb growing up).  Rustle earned his CGC,And RN this year.  His nick name is Hustle Rustle because he always seems to be in a hurry. Rustle will be 3 one month after Smiley.


Millie is a Standard Poodle and adds female grace to the family.









Pam has been with Ruff Revue many years.  Mina (Rottweiler) was a beautiful dancer. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Cinderella came from rescue, is adorable and retired.

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